Tuesday, July 21, 2015

10 Activities for Pioneer Days

     Are you looking for something fun to do with your family to celebrate the 24th of July? Look no further, I have found 10 fun and fantastic Pioneer Day activities for everyone to enjoy.

1) Rag Doll Tutorial by Miss Gioia.
2) DIY Stick Horse by Desert Chica.
3) Homemade Candles with Here We Are Together.
4) Braided Rag Rug by Natures Little Ways.
5) No Sew Rag Doll by Restless Risa.
6) Pioneer Bonnet Tutorial by Buns and Baskets.
7) Weaving with Children by Kidoinfo.
8) Easy Homemade Butter with Mess for Less.
9) Pioneer Taffy with Jamie Cooks It Up.
10) How to make Lye Free Soap with Pioneer Settler.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Just a Dream

     This last month has been really hectic for my family. We were busy moving, and looking for a new place to live. We have relocated to Salt Lake County, and are starting to settle into our new place... The reason that I am posting is not to talk about my move, but rather a dream that I had just after moving...
     The very first night that my family slept in our new place, I had a dream that I was standing in front of a huge group of people, sharing my testimony of Ancestral Work. Many people seemed to be humbled by what I was sharing, while others were not. Many of those people mocked me. My dream didn't last very long. In fact, it was really short. I woke up, and my first thought was that I was doing the right thing for my family.
     I can't count the number of times people have asked me, "Why does this matter to you? Those people are no longer alive." They matter because I still consider my ancestors very much apart of my family. They are the reason that my living family are here. How many of us can say that after we die, we want to be forgotten? I don't think any of us do! We all want to be remembered... This is exactly why I have the passion that I have to continue to seek out my dead.
    If there was one thing that I could do to make this world a better place, it would be to encourage everyone to start researching their family history. I would encourage you to seek out stories of your ancestors, and read them over and over again. I know that it will help you understand the struggles that your family members were faced with during their time on this earth. Sometimes, as you read their stories, they help guide you during your own trials. These stories will help you learn to better appreciate your living and dead family members for everything that they have done for you. When that happens, you will have a wonderful feeling come over you. The words that I like to use to describe that feeling is, "peace and love".
    The more you research your family lines, the more you will have a yearning to learn more. You will learn things that you nor any of your living family knew... some pretty cool stuff! I have said it time and time again, "Hasn't it [your family history] been put off long enough? I think so!" Now is the time to start looking and learning about your family.

   I would like to invite everyone to take a look at this video below, and be reminded of the importance of Family History Research in our homes. Thank you!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Review: Ann Lewis' 2014 Family History Course

     A few short months ago, I was asked to do a presentation on Family History Research for the ladies in my Relief Society. I thought for sure that I wouldn't be able to do this presentation without having tears stream down my face. When I talk about Family History Research, and my passion for it, I just cry my eyes out. Before accepting to do this, I spoke with my husband about it. All he said was, "Jacque, just talk about the things that have helped you in your research. Don't share personal stories about your ancestors, because that's usually what makes you cry the most." I took his advice, and accepted the opportunity to speak to these ladies. I went in and did this presentation fearing that I would start crying, luckily, I only shed a few tears. {What a miracle that was for me!} I had felt very good about how the presentation went, and so did many of the ladies who approached me afterward. As I was cleaning up, another lady approached me. She thanked me for my presentation, and then shared with me something that I think would benefit all of you! She told me about a Family History Class that she had taken from an Ann Lewis in Orem, Utah. She explained to me that Ann was no longer teaching Family History, because she and her husband were called to be missionaries. She further explained that Ann Lewis had recorded each of her classes, and that these recordings were posted online. She then gave me a link to the recordings. The next few nights, I sat down and listened to Ann Lewis speak, and share her love of Family History Research. These recordings, for me, were so enlightening. I learned some great tips about journal writing, organizing your family's records, where to find records, and more importantly how to properly source your information. From this, I enjoyed learning of more ways to research my family. Believe me, when I say, I took a lot of notes from these recordings. I have referred to these notes while working on my family history since then. Whether you are just starting on your family history research, or you have spent years on your ancestral work, I encourage you to listen to these recordings. I can almost bet that you will learn something new, or get some great tips from Ann Lewis! I have been so impressed with these recordings that I have added this link to the top of my website and named it, "Class". I encourage you to visit this link, and listen to her advice and tips. I promise you will not regret it!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Researching Your Family History

     I have such a great love for my family, both for the living and for the dead. I enjoy learning about my direct ancestors, and their immediate family members. I love to read their personal histories, and try to imagine what I would have done if I were faced in their situations. There have been times where I have read my ancestors' histories, and have found myself crying for them. We learn about their experiences in history classes, but I don't believe that it really hits home until we read about their trials through their own words. That is when we can truly appreciate all that they had sacrificed, and went through for us.
     Have you had the desire to learn more about your family history, but don't know how to get started? Well, my suggestion is pretty simple. Start with yourself. Write down your full name, your birthdate, and birth place. Surely, you have parents and possibly some siblings. Write their names down, and their information. If you happen to be married, or have children, write down their information as well. Move out from there. If you get stuck, don't be afraid to reach out to other family members for help. If they cannot, don't give up. Continue to search, and think of ways that you could find more information about your family members.
     I encourage you to write in a daily journal. Please give as much detail in each of your journal entries as possible. Doing this will help your future readers in more fully understanding your experiences. Use a blue or black ballpoint pen. Blue or black ink seems to keep its color over time, while others fade out. If you don't feel comfortable with your handwriting, and would prefer to type a journal on your computer, please do it. Do not hesitate. Just do it. Your future family will appreciate learning about you, from your own words!
     I have been researching my family lines for a little over 15 years. I am only 30 years old, right now. I was around 13 years old when I first started learning about my ancestors, and so you see just about anyone can  research their family members. It is really simple, especially with today's technology. There are several family history research websites that can help you. The one that I prefer the most is FamilySearch. It is free to sign up, and use! There are others that cost money, and so when someone asks me which I suggest using... FamilySearch is it!
          Again, I truly encourage you to start or continue to research your family's history. Your deceased family members are waiting to be remembered. They are waiting for you to share their stories with others! Please don't let them down...

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